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Turbolinks5 is awesome

I have the strong conviction that I will not build the same interface twice. Therefore I always chose to develop for the web ONLY (and not for native). I have seen ‘native applications’ as an old-fashioned concept from the start. Installing software is a thing of the past, in my opinion.

So if you know Turbolinks, you understand why I got enthousiastic. If you don’t, let me explain… Turbolinks enabels you to re-use all screens from your webapplication in your native app. You simple load a ‘web view’ (which basically is a browser) with Turbolinks enabled and it becomes a single page application.

Turbolinks is a very simple concept. It basically swaps page loads for Ajax calls. The nice thing is that it works in any HTML document. I immediately written a simple demo, showcasing how it works. You can find it here: I invite you to look at the source of this page and be amazed at the simplicity.

Usecue  web development
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Usecue  web development